Gloves - Leather/Kevlar - For Use When Winching


  • $ 26.12

WARN Leather And Kevlar Winching Gloves

These new WARN winching gloves are made of a leather and kevlar combo to provide complete protection while winching. Along with providing protection and a superior fit, the WARN leather and kevlar winching gloves protect your hands from abrasions, cuts, and sharp barbs that may occur when handling a winch rope.

Neoprene wrist and pull strap allow for ease of putting on and removal, and the shock absorbing palm protects the inside of the hand. The WARN winching gloves also includes additional reinforcements in the knuckles and fingertips help provide superior protection. Overall, the WARN winching gloves is an extremely durable, synthetic leather that has been reinforced with Kevlar to resist abrasions and make your off-roading experience better.

WARN Leather And Kevlar Winching Gloves Specs

Part Number:  91650 Size L
Part Number:  88895 Size XL
Part Number:  91600 Size XXL
Materials:  Synthetic Leather and Kevlar
Motor:  Series Wound, 12V 4.6 hp, 24V 2.5 hp