PullzAll Hand Held Electric Pulling Tool - Corded 120V - 1000 lb. Capacity


  • $ 293.04

  • Lifts or pulls up to 1,000 lbs. (454 Kg)
  • Replaces old-fashioned come-a-longs and chainfalls
  • AC version perfect for use where power is available

    When you're in the shop and have access to a power source, just plug in PullzAll and let it help you tackle those labor intensive chores. Move heavy machinery. Hoist an engine block. Lift a load precisely into place, then nail it, weld it, whatever it. You think up the task, and PullzAll flat out revolutionizes the amount of work one man can do.

    Part Number: 885000 PullzAll
    Part Number: 885020 Camo Patterned PullzAll *Product not sold in Canada
    Part Number: 885003 (PullzAll 230v EU)
    Part Number: 885002 (PullzAll 230V UK)
    Part Number: 885001 (PullzAll 120V CSA)
    Switch: Forward/reverse
    Trigger: Variable speed
    Power: AC 120V / 230V / 1200W
    Load Limiter: Electronic, with LED
    Clutch: None
    Brake: Dynamic
    Wire Rope: 7/32" X 15' (6mm X 4.6m)
    Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
    Dimensions: 20" L. x 12.50" W. x 13.25" H. (.50m L. x .31m W. x .33m H.)

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