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What Exactly Is A Winch & How Does It Work?

A winch, in essence, is used for pulling in and letting out an object via a controlled device. Smaller winches can be cranked by hand, and larger winches use mechanical cranks.

The winch pulley system has been in use for thousands of years. Winches were used for everything from tightening ancient catapult systems to helping raise and tighten the ropes on bridges. The ancient winch and pulley system has also been used for thousands of years to hoist large, heavy objects during construction.

Applications For A Winch

Off Roading

Off roading, four wheel driving, four wheeling...these are all extremely fun and energetic outdoor activities. Being prepared in the case of an emergency, having a fall back system for your truck, atv, or jeep makes a huge difference. Having a winch system attached to your vehicle is useful for more than just pulling out a stuck vehicle. It can also be used for removing large objects out of your off roading trail.

On Boats

On a sailboat, a winch is used for giving slack or bringing in the sail. A hand cranked winch can easily be implemented to properly maneuver large sails.

Moving Large Objects

Large objects, from machinery and debris to tree stumps and boulders, can easily be moved, dragged, and manipulated via the help of a strong winch system. The cable is wrapped firmly around the object, and the winch system begins the pulling work.

From ancient construction to modern day off-roading, the only thing that has really changed about the winch is the materials from which it is made, making this mechanical wonder too good to not have installed on your next truck, atv, or trailer!

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