The Importance of A Winch Kit

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If you love extreme outdoor sports including off-roading, then you most likely have used a winch system. The right winch system can push your jeep or ATV to all new levels, allowing your vehicle to travel up steep inclines that you would never have dreamed possible. However, winches aren’t just for extreme off-roading, there are also extremely useful for everyday activities.

Unfortunately, we never know when a hairy situation may occur in which you are going to need a winch and pulley system. On the other hand, you never know when someone else may need your help pulling their vehicle to safety.

Overall, winches have great uses, from the adrenaline seeking outdoor enthusiast to flash flood rescue situations. Whether you are off roading or wanting to be prepared, having a winch accessory kit readily available is a great way to ensure you are never left unprepared.

WARN Industries

Anyone who loves off roading or works with towing and pulling vehicles knows the name “WARN”. WARN Industries was founded in 1948 by Arthur and Sadie Warn. After working in the vehicle industry producing stronger and better wheel locking hubs, the business began to expand.

In 1959, the famous WARN winch was created! Since 1948, WARN Industries has continually risen to the challenge and, in turn, allowed numerous others to rise as well. Not only have WARN winches been able to push off-roading to the next level, but emergency vehicles all over the world have been able to save numerous lives through the use of their high quality and dependable winches.

Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit

The WARN medium duty winching accessory kit is great for having on hand. Not only can the kit support up to 10,000 lbs, it also comes in an easy to use bag that keeps all of the components organized. The winching accessory kit consists of:

High grade WARN denier carrying bag

You don’t have to worry about your winching items with this bag. It is made to withstand wear and tear, while providing ample space for the winching accessories. It’s great for throwing in the back of a truck or car.

Winching recovery straps

The WARN winching recovery straps are made out of tough, quality nylon material. The straps are made to absorb the shock of a heavy pull, while elastic components in the recovery straps aid in a speedy recovery.

Tree Trunk Protector

Since you may be using a tree for an anchor point, it’s important to keep the integrity of the tree trunk. The tree trunk protector protects the trunk from any potential damage from a metal chain or wire rope.


Gloves are especially necessary when working with a winching system. Protect your hands and wrists by using the heavy duty gloves available in the WARN winch accessory kit.

Two Shackles

Shackles are used for connecting looped ends of straps, snatch blocks, and cables. This winching accessory kit includes 2 shackles with an easy remove pin.

Snatch Block

Lastly, this medium duty winching accessory kit includes a snatch block. When the snatch block is set up properly, it can increase the pulling power of a winch 2x. It also allows the user to change the direction of the pull without worrying about damaging ropes.

Learn more about winch systems, WARN Industries, or purchase your very own WARN winching accessory kit by visiting DSI Distributing, a top WARN distributing company for 20 years!

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